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Myriam Valentina

Myriam Valentina


sábado, 27 de junho de 2009

If you can find me a RUB RED ROSE
I will lock you in my heart and never let you go
Hand it to me with your love and kisses It is the fondest of my wishes
You prove to me that you truly care
That your love will always be here I will know that you will never want to wander
And never will you try to squander
The love that will shower upon you Now let know that your love is true
Bring me my one and only desire A RUB RED ROSE the color of the reddest fire
Let me hold it in my hand and embrace
The fullness of this one amazing flower
And you will have love every single hour
I will make your life a symphony
A RUB RED ROSE will be my epiphany

(Myriam Valentina)

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