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Myriam Valentina

Myriam Valentina


domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Kel (1963)

War Ambition

I lost my way
I was rolling like leaves in the wind
Looking back
I understand where the past has led me

We are all here
Living so close to death
Anesthetized by pain

Nightmares and fears around
Dreams of returning home
Seeking the lost innocence
Beliefs already forgotten

The warlords
Lies of glory
Mind games

Weapons in their hands
Dry eyes
A single body of destruction

Who we were before we know?
Innocent creations of nature
Who are we?
Friends, colleagues, brothers
Weapons of war

I feel empty
I can not get out of torpor
When I get home
I see your eyes prejudices
Blood on my hands
Who sleeps quiet on your pillow

((Myriam Valentina))

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Wanderley Elian Lima disse...

Oi Myriam, obrigado pela visita ao meu blog. Adorei seus poemas.

manas disse...


Myriam Valentina disse...

Obriagada pelo carinho